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Elites - Contemplations and Confrontations
The Apostle known as SZZU pored over the file in front of her, silently digesting the latest report that XNFE had compiled by way of her drones as she sat in a table in a comfortable blouse and pants that had been procured for her by the White Fang.
So they are here... They’ve been at Beacon for just about a month. It would be best to remain in hiding for now, until our victory can be assured. Even with the training, we could defeat them if we made an effort, but then there are the Huntsmen and Huntresses to consider...
The woman let her mind run over statistics and predictions, noting them down as they formed. “Hm. Not yet, but soon. Perhaps it would be best to let MEFE test them first. LLWO’s involvement was an unexpected variable, but it could conceivably worked to our advantage. What do you think, CRKY?”
Her hulking brother looked over from the chair he was seated on, occupying his mind by watching specks of dust float in the air and onto his suit - a
:iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 3 5
Elites - Beacon's Test
Ozpin frowned as Mato finished her report. “So this Lirio simply brushed you off, as if you weren’t even trying?” Mato huffed, a rare glare plastered firmly across her face. “Yes, it’s like I didn’t just get through explaining this!” She sighed and made a visible effort to calm down. “We couldn’t so much as put a hair out of place on his head. Current theory is that we just don’t have the right amount of combat experience. Boosted reflexes and all that are cool, but without training we’ll just flail around all over the place.” Ozpin smiled slightly. “Well, I just happen to have this friend who’s in charge of a combat school...” Mato stuck her tongue out at him. “Ha ha. We can be there in ten minutes.” Ozpin glanced at the clock on his tablet. The next combat practice started in fifteen. That would be enough time. “That will do nicely. I’ll see you then.”
:iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 1 9
Hatsune Christmas
If you asked Miku what her relationship to her many sisters was, she would give a generally positive response. With a few exceptions, she genuinely loved her sisters with all her heart.
She did, however, concede to the point that they could be quite a handful. Especially when they were all in one place...
The twin-tailed Vocaloid dropped into a perfect split as an errant blast of electricity sailed overhead, accompanied by an impassioned "C'MON AND TRY ME BITCH!"
Miku heaved a long-suffering sigh as Neru's powers of electricity clashed violently with Zatsune's darkness, cheered on by their respective siblings. Zumi came up beside her like a white-clad, adorably earnest ninja. "You wanna deal with this or should I?" She asked quietly in her squeaky voice.
Miku waved a hand. "You go ahead, I need to make sure Master doesn't have a stroke."
Zumi only nodded before flicking her wrists, dropping two small objects into her hands, before crouching right down and leaping high into the air over
:iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 1 0
Elites - Forests of Beacon Part 1: Lirio's Test
Late the next morning, the four Black Paradoxes headed for one of the forested areas surrounding Vytal, hoping to find some Grimm to get their eye in with their Otherworld skills.
One and a half hours in, something else found them.
Mato had just raised her Black Blade to cut down a particularly annoying branch when a blast of light reduced it to ash. Everyone whirled around, weapons at the ready.
Standing some distance away through the trees was a man clothed in black and green. His white hair glowed in the dappled light, giving him the feel of a fae creature.
“I was wondering which fool child had wandered into this forest.” He called over. “But from your power signatures I can see that you are no ordinary humans.”
Mato summoned the Rock Cannon. “Who are you?”
The man raised his head, his green eyes as hard as emeralds. “I am Lirio, of the Seven Apostles. And this forest will be your grave. Seishin toitsu: In!
Mato just had time t
:iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 3 14
If one were to stumble across the realm he inhabited, they would find it a very strange place.
A barren plain, stretching to the borders of a great sea, with a few small saplings situated at it's very centre. Some have withered and died, either from purposeful neglect or lack of nutrition, but several are still strong and flexible. Despite the apparent lifelessness, a strange energy fills the air, occasionally funnelling itself into one sapling or another.
The sole inhabitant of this realm is possessed of a monstrous appearance, but he is a relatively kind soul. Blunt, at times caustic, but supportive all the same.
The demon holds the power to see into other realms like his own. Each and every one of them is centred around a different place.
A large mansion of singers, squabbling like brothers do.
A smaller home, but no less lacking in love between it's six inhabitants.
An apartment complex, filled with dry wit and fantastic creatures.
An entire city, filled with
:iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 2 11
KH: FiM - Tension Rising
When the girls woke up, they found themselves on the floor of the library. Apple Bloom eased herself up and shook her head. “Man, that was somethin’...” Then she noticed someone standing over them. “Aheh. Howdy Spike.” Spike was dressed in a combination of traditional Dragon Clan armour and magical clothing. He wore a black vest edged with thick red bands and featured a red zipped pocket on either side. The outline of the vest followed the curve of his ribcage, which meant his midriff would be quite exposed if not for the dragonfire-forged enchanted metal he wore under the vest. Purple all around apart from the front, which was a pale yellow, this armour granted him protection from just about anything the worlds could throw at him. Set on his shoulders were three-layered shoulder gaurds that tapered into points like the overlapping scales of the dragons he was descended from. He also wore a neon green belt to match his eyebrows and the multitude of spikes
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Kingdom Hearts: Friendship is Magic-Dearly Beloved
Twilight Report 1
The many worlds that exist separate to our own are at once both wondrous and dangerous in equal measure. Each world has it’s own way of combating threats, but at times outside help is required.
That’s where the bearers of the Keyblade, hereafter referred to as ‘Keybladers’ at the insistence of my friends, come in. Warriors that travel from world to world to solve problems created by interference from dark beings.
Keybladers are usually a scarcity, with only two or three rising from within a radius of a hundred worlds or so, but by some trick of the cosmos Equestria contains a ratio of Keybladers and similarly empowered warriors to regular citizens between roughly 1:1000 to as many as 1:50 in recent times (Appendix 1, “Equestrian census figures over the last century”). This has necessitated Keyblader schools across Equestria, along with a ranking system to determine the level of strength of the said Keybladers
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Look to the left!
I am now sorting my works into folders as they are submitted, in an effort to actually put out some shit and keep everything organised at the same time. Just thought I should let everyone know.
:iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 0 0
Nichts ist gleich Part 3: Burn Baby, Burn
Tahu tromped along, cursing his added bulk and addled mind every step of the way. Still, it wasn’t all bad. He’d begun to get a feel for his altered swords, and the revelation that he could still lavaboard with the combined form had cheered him no end. He had yet to test his skill, not wanting to push his luck, even though he was now tromping through the volcanic region of the island. A chittering sound reached his ears and he paused. After a moment’s thought, he put the ‘board swords’ as he’d dubbed them, together and dropped the resulting board onto the ground, before pulling out the smaller golden swords on his back. Note to self: Find reliable way to carry large swords. This established, he peered through the eyeholes of his mask, watching for anything that might-
Something green flashed in the corner of his eye and he lashed out, setting both swords on fire as he did so. The blade missed the green spider thing currently going for his face
:iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 2 7
2015 - Nichts ist gleich: Mo' Armour, Mo' Problems
There exists, somewhere in the multiverse, a world filled with biomechanical beings. These beings are protected by the mighty heroes known as the Toa, each a living embodiment of an aspect of nature.

Our story does not take place on this planet.
Instead, this story takes place on a planet that, to look at it’s chief inhabitants, one would think they took the denizens of the first one and dropped them into a Saturday morning cartoon made for five year olds, which then promptly spat them out into an armoury meant for bending warriors from Asia, from which they stumbled groggily into an island-wide spider nest. This planet did not possess Toa to begin with, instead having to request them from other planets altogether, one each from a separate elemental world. Exploring the worlds these warriors originated from would doubtlessly be a much more interesting story, but we’ve all gotta make do with what we have.

We join these hero rip-offs ju
:iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 1 2
Gaurdian of Berk, CH1 - Arrival
An armoured figure cruised through the Lanes Between, headed for worlds unknown. The Keyblade Glider he rode resembled a machine known as a quadrocopter, with four one-metre-wide rings spaced in a square around the pilot seat. Unlike the typical quadrocopter however, these rings were tilted down at a 45 degree angle, giving it a vague resemblance to a motorcycle. It’s rider laid down atop it, grasping two handlebars for steering and pressing his feet against two other bars for stability.
Said rider called it the Keyquad, or the Quad for short. It had been through a lot, along with its rider, and had gone through several changes before he had settled upon it’s current mode. He suspected that he’d be changing it again very soon, maybe some streamlining to improve aerodynamics, or turning the magical spheres into discs, or straightening the ‘rotors’ and shifting them backwards, or a dozen other things.
The only thing he kept constant was it’s colour, as
:iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 0 0
Elites - Gathering
Saya looked across at Blake. The moonlight streamed through the slats installed in the window, sending shafts of pale light streaming across the features of the girl opposite her. The room wasn’t huge but it wasn’t particularly small either, allowing both girls some space. Blake’s amber eyes glowed in the shadow that the window cast across the top of her face, and they were directed at Saya’s own glowing red orbs. If the redhead wasn’t holding out for that overconfident half-pint Yuu she would go over there and screw the glow right out of those eyes. Blake’s head turned to look out of the window at the streets below, and Saya found herself following every move. There was just this… allure that the other girl gave off. A calm and aloof essence that only made Saya want to find out more. You could, you know. Black Gold Saw’s voice purred in her ear. Forget Plain Jane. This one is so much more interesting. Pin her to the bed
:iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 1 0
Who is scarier? :iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 0 9
Contest Piece: Overprotective
For Mazula’s Teridax/Matoro crack OTP contest. Oneshot. Warning: contains overprotective!Kopaka and maternal!Nuju potty mouth.
Teridax was walking down the street, minding his own business, when he was telekinetically grabbed, yanked off his feet and  slammed into the side of a building, a thick coating of ice keeping him there. Slightly dazed, he looked down to see a teenager holding an ice blade to his neck, with an older man behind him looking positively livid.
“Alright, shit-for-brains. You’re going to spill what you did with Matoro or I’m gonna let Nuju here drop you off a Knowledge Tower.” Was the statement Kopaka borderline snapped at him.
The Makuta frowned in confusion. “What the deuce are you talking about, Toa?” He spat. “I haven’t seen your pathetic brother since the waterfall incident.”
Kopaka’s response was to lift the ice off the wall with Teridax still in it and ram him into the road. “D
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Original menu bar :iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 4 15


NPC Cut-ins :iconspeckticuls:speckticuls 79 14 Terrarian Idols :iconserenesplash:serenesplash 43 7 Yakumo Wallpaper :iconmsnshame:Msnshame 150 12 Final RotBTD :iconkiome-yasha:Kiome-Yasha 889 107 ManeNights VS background 6 :iconjowybean:Jowybean 2,348 233 Background 6: Steampunk ver :iconsweet-unknown:Sweet-Unknown 354 22
How I started making games!
I made a video about how I started making games!
Also I should have mentioned in it: I studied Computing Science.
You can find my early animations here:
And all of my web games here:
:iconkupogames:KupoGames 8 6
I made a video about designing enemies!
I made a video about designing enemies for Epic Battle Fantasy 5 and other RPGs.
I’m gonna try to do a lot more of these on different topics, so follow me on YouTube if you care.
:iconkupogames:KupoGames 4 4
The Book of the World Builder :iconarthurblue:ArthurBlue 334 39
Why Books Suck
Let me write you a story of all you want to hear. Of intercourse and romance, drugs and beer.
Of simple plots and story devices, where no thinking is required.
I'll even make it into a series, everything you've desired.
Pick it up in the middle, why not? It's all the same. So-and-so get together,
there's sex on every page. It's the best story in the world, and it only took me six days!
Don't worry about morals, there's none to be learned.
If you hate life-long lessons, then enjoy every word.
The characters are flat with the basic of descriptions, with no voice of their own.
If one dies, no tears will be shed, there's another just around the bend.
They have no flaws to their name, no special traits to distinguish them, they're all the same.
Don't worry about remembering them, this story is stress-free, here for your pleasure.
You'll hold it like a treasure, believe it's the best thing ever written.
Oh, and do not feel guilty, do not feel smitten.
Each line was without effort, it was wri
:iconvoxmagi:VoxMagi 147 167
All Hail This Badass Queen
lol I have NO idea if this is true or not, I just saw it on Tumblr and it gave me such warm and fuzzy feelings of hope and joy and laughter, and I felt like sharing.  
:iconsumi-sprite:Sumi-Sprite 3 24
Reflekta :iconstar0127:Star0127 32 4 Woah There :iconlitra-head:Litra-head 20 1
Mature content
Life is Strange - Guardian of Chloe parody :iconmaarika:Maarika 146 30
Chloe Price :iconartkitt-creations:ArtKitt-Creations 137 15 Hella Gay Baes :iconenvarchy:Envarchy 57 8


Right from the get-go it's obvious that you put a lot of work into this. I can clearly see lots of little things like subtle shading, c...




So this is what it feels like to have any and all motivation literally drain out of you...
Thought of the day: Bureaucracy is a bitch.
Today, I was out buying lunch when I saw two women holding hands. They were headed for the same place I was lined up at. I looked at them, smiled and thought, good for both of them.

They got closer, directly behind me in the line, and I saw that one of them was thick-set and the other was quite skinny.

I looked at the second person and noticed that the body structure looked like a male.

And I smiled and thought, good for both of them.

I kept smiling all the way back to my apartment.
2310 HOURS

Commander: Come on, people! We need to get this blog post done tonight!

Operator: No good sir, the brain systems conked out hours ago!

Commander: *Stands dramatically* Engage the heart systems.

*Entire centre freezes*

Operator: *shocked* But sir - 

Commander: We don't have a choice. We made a promise: We do this tonight.

Operator: *Gulps* Alright... Engaging heart systems!
Never have I ever felt more ashamed about being a Mericup shipper as well as a Hiccstrid shipper.

  • Listening to: Reimu and Suika's Heaven and Hell
  • Reading: Things
  • Watching: The three cranes out my window
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
And I did.

I am now officially a Brisbane resident.

Got my stuff moved in today, gonna go shopping for more tomorrow.

Next week is Orientation, and after that, college starts.

It's all happening.


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SUP? *whispers* 'M havin' a party and you're all invited.

*postures dramatically* WELCOME... to my LAIR!


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